The REACH Fellowship is an experiential education program for motivated, low income high school students from California's Santa Barbara County. REACH (which stands for Resilience, Education, Adventure, Community and Health) works with students to develop skills so they can take control of their lives as they transition from high school to college. 

Making the right decisions during this transition can be frustrating, confusing, and at times lonely. The REACH Team and its community partners work to provide REACH Fellows with the resources and connections they need to make informed decisions. 

Fellows are accepted during their junior year in high school and remain in the program for 2.5 years, through their first year of post secondary education. During the school year, students participate in programming that focuses on skill building opportunities for post secondary education, career exploration, outdoor adventure education, personal development, food and financial literacy, and community involvement. 

By participating in this program, students commit to themselves, their families and REACH that they are willing to put in the time and energy to explore their potential and strive to achieve their goals. Once accepted into the program, fellows receive a scholarship for 2.5 years, making all events free of charge. The Audacious Foundation proudly supports REACH.

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The REACH Fellowship

"Where we come from, not a lot of people believe in us, and for somebody to come in here and to say, ‘I believe in you, and I’m going to show you I believe in you,’ was something I really do feel like REACH has done for us.”