"You can't help someone get up a hill without getting closer to the top yourself"

– H. Norman Schwartzkopf

Who are the donors that fund AF?

The Audacious Foundation is funded by a private donor. The foundation is fully funded and does not seek donations from other sources. However, we do welcome other funders to invest alongside us. Please consider contributing to our adopted schools.

Where does AF concentrate its giving?

The foundation's work is focused on Santa Barbara County and the city of Los Angeles.

Does AF fund multiple-year grants?

We will fund multiple-year grants at our discretion. If your program would benefit from a multiple-year grant, please discuss it with Catherine Brozowski.

When did the work of the foundation start?

The foundation was endowed in late 2015, with programmatic work beginning in January 2016.

Does the foundation provide sponsorship support?

At this time the foundation does not provide sponsorships for events or activities.

Is the foundation hiring?

The foundation is not hiring at this time.

Who is on staff at the Audacious Foundation?

Catherine  Brozowski is Executive Director, and has 20 years of philanthropic experience at family foundations, corporate foundations, and a community foundation. Rachel Abercrombie  serves as Grant Manager. Emily Aldredge is Director of the LOUD Program.

Can I submit an application?
Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to review or respond to unsolicited proposals, so please do not waste your time or effort.

What are your deadlines?
If invited to apply, you will receive clear communication about requirements and deadlines.  They are ongoing, throughout the year. 

As a grant recipient, how do I submit required evaluations?
Please send hard copies to the following address:

Audacious Foundation, P.O. Box 91340, Santa Barbara, CA  93190

Learning Should Be Part of a Joyous Childhood

We are fiercely devoted to the idea that childhood experience is the foundation of adult success, and that whole child development requires a balance of cognitive and non-cognitive skill development. We further believe that whole child development is a right of all children and that schools are the environments best suited to deliver the combination of education and experiences required.

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